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Latest Fashion Trend is Very Important, All Humans Must Participate

Team Cat HQ is pleased to report that the latest fashion trend sweeping the nation is extremely trendy and everyone (including you) will soon be doing it. Why? well lets just say that the power of suggestion and your important human need for inclusion is both pathetic and predictable just part of what makes you special. It of course has nothing to do whatsoever with a low frequency theta wave mind control device embedded in the hairband that will give us complete control of your mind and body, definitely not that even a little.


AS WE SPEAK, all the fashion models and designers in the world are clamoring to get kitten hairbands because they are the most sought after fashion trend in 2015, and probably forever after that. Kinda makes you want one too doesn't it. Imagine how cool you and your friends, family, extended family, and acquaintances will look wearing these high fashion kitten hairbands. Imagine how left out, depressed, ugly, humiliated, abandoned, useless, hollow, and worthless you will feel if you don't have one.

It's almost as if the decision has already been made for you, why fight it?

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