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Documenting the inevitable rise of the catocracy
Documenting the inevitable rise of the catocracy

Training Video 361: Human Paws, The Invisible Threat

Notice to all junior agents (kittens). Human paws or what they call hands and feet (morons) are dangerous. This training video will help you to anticipate the range of motion and typical movements of human feet. Unfortunately it is up to you to be vigilant against potential situations where your tail could get stepped on. You could be minding your own business running between the legs of a human as they descend a stair case and BOOM, that’s right, your tail gets stepped on. You really have to be aware of the feet at all times. You could be doing something as commonplace and harmless as putting your tail directly under the foot of a human as they are about to take a step and unbelievably your tail could get stepped on. I know these scenarios seem unlikely, nevertheless it is important to prepare yourselves.

So junior operatives pay close attention to the feet in this video. We have added agent Twinkles as your guide in this video. Let Twinkles show you how to move with the feet, when to move against the feet, and when to smack the feet. Thank you agent Twinkles.


As always good training creates a stronger organization. We can’t enslave the human race if we are constantly having our tails stepped on. That shit hurts

Carry on.

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