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Documenting the inevitable rise of the catocracy
Documenting the inevitable rise of the catocracy

Unknown Threat Uncovered, All Cats Be On High Alert.

In a horrifying turn of events cats all over the world are being extorted for god only knows what. At this time we have no further information other than cats all over the world have had their privacy compromised and a few (as seen in the pictures) are victims of having their most private confessions being exposed to the public. Could this in fact be an attack from #Teamdog? Has Rebecca Rose decided to finally take action against us? Could it possibly be a wild card like #Teamgoat or #Teampenguin? We don't know but we will make any details public as they become available. In the meantime we would like to say to all of our members do not under any circumstances allow any human to write down information about any secrets you might have you know like BEING A HIGHLY TRAINED OPERATIVE FOR A CLANDESTINE CATCENTRIC SECRET SOCIETY BENT ON WORLD DOMINATION ok?


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